Duang!The first class of Hopu Business School begins!

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In order to give full play to the role of guangdong and Macao Cooperation Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Park) as a platform to promote the industrialization and internationalization of traditional Chinese medicine, and to promote the aggregation and development of traditional Chinese medicine and great health-related industries, the industrial park has set up a series of lecture activities of "Hopu Business School".

The first phase of "Hopu Business School", themed with "Hengqin investment and establishment of enterprises operation practice" and "Legal risk prevention", was successfully opened in the industrial park on the afternoon of August 16, attracting more than 40 enterprises' "students" from Macao and mainland China to attend classes.

"Hopu Business School" is a brand new activity platform established by the industrial park. It provides explanation and consultation for a series of comprehensive problems encountered in the establishment and development of enterprises in the form of lectures and reports on a regular basis.

The hengqin business start-up and operation lectures, industrial park, invited Beijing dacheng law firm (zhuhai) partners lai navy lawyers and lawyers cattle He Ming guangdong jun straight, detailed explanation to the macau and the mainland investors how to invest in hengqin to start a business and guard against legal risks and so on, the content of the field strong sex, dry goods.


Lawyer Lai Haijun explains the Operation Practice of Investment and Establishment of Enterprises by Domestic and Foreign Investors in Hengqin

Lai Haijun specializes in corporate legal services, cross-border investment and financing legal services, private equity, venture capital legal services, familiar with foreign investment, corporate and tax laws and policies.

He explains in detail the domestic and overseas investors to invest in hengqin to start a business practices ", from investors for business registration and annual inspection, tax registration and declaration, bank account regulatory requirements, talent introduction and security requirements of social security and other related content, introduce the process, cost and matters needing attention, etc., to help enterprises understand the hengqin new area policy and control of the government to the enterprise establishment and operation of regulatory requirements.


Niu Heming, a lawyer, explains corporate Legal Risk Prevention

He Ming Niu specializes in providing legal services to pharmaceutical companies and is particularly good at dealing with international legal issues related to drug technology transfer, licensing and drug intellectual property rights.

Lawyer Niu explained the Enterprise Legal Risk Prevention. With personal work experience and practical cases, he introduced the practical problems of the company from establishment to actual operation in terms of company establishment, company operation risk and intellectual property protection.

Entering the hengqin, attending enterprises on behalf of the said, there are many don't understand the processes and policies, "school" is a good platform, this also makes the theme of the enterprise to set up and operation in hengqin new area, etc., have more comprehensive understanding, especially in the protection of intellectual property rights, have a more profound understanding of, in the later business, will pay more attention to this aspect work.


"Hopu Business School" focuses on the needs of enterprises and answers the questions mentioned by enterprises for many times. Welcome to contact us!

Class representative: Miss Yang from the Investment Operation Department

E-mail: season.yang@gmtcmpark.com