Integrated Management Services

Commercial Registration

Assist settled-in enterprises in contacting market supervision departments, and provide services such as name verification, registration, modification, bank account opening, etc. Online Commercial Registration in Hengqin:

Intellectual Property

Cooperate with third-party service organizations to provide consulting and processing services regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights, implementing standards, etc.
Tel: (86) 756 8936 937

Tax and Legal Services

Provide settled-in enterprises with financial and tax management, tax declaration, legal agency and other related consultation and support services.

Talent Services

Provide talent services including recruitment, training, permanent residency, postdoctoral exchange station, and HR information exchange for settled-in enterprises.

Policy Consultation and Application

GMTCM Park has set up a policy interface platform to provide enterprises with consulting and processing services of policy declaration regarding government subsidies and science and technology projects.
Tel:(86) 756 8918956

Investment and Financing Matching Services

Integrating resources of various investment and financing institutions, banks, and financial investment associations, GMTCM Park holds project matching sessions and roadshows on a regular basis so as to provide enterprises with full chain investment and financing services such as subsidized loans, debt financing and equity financing.
Tel:(86) 756 8916203

Professional Incubation Services

Boasting its advantageous resources, a joint office area, entrepreneurial incubators, growth accelerators, headquarters, and professional technical teams, GMTCM Park provides an all-round entrepreneurial services for entrepreneurs.

Hatching Process

Measures for Incubator Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activities

Hope Business School invites tutors to give lectures on the comprehensive problems faced by enterprises in the process of establishment and operation. It mainly focuses on policy explanation, business guidance, and training on operational and management skills.

Hope Forum

Hope Forum is a professional forum carrying out academic discussions and professional counseling with a focus on TCM, biological medicine, medical equipment and other industries.

A Date with Hope

A Date with Hope is dedicated to the promotion of communication and cooperation among enterprises in GMTCM Park in the form of tea forums and symposiums.
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Third-party Service Providers

Da Hua Certified Public Accountants (LLP), Zhuhai Office

The service content:Statutory auditing services and various specialized auditing services

Guangdong Langqian Law Firm

The service content:Legal and intellectual property services

Hengqin Zhuoqin Financial Consulting Co., Ltd

The service content:Accounting, taxation and financial services

Zhuhai Kell Technology Services Co. LTD

The service content:R&D management and consulting, technology project filing services

Innopat Intellectual Property Co., Ltd.

The service content:Patent and trademark filings

Zhuhai Boxin Technology Co., Ltd.

The service content:Technology project consulting

GuangDong Sailei Technology Co., Ltd.

The service content:Technological consulting, transfer of technological achievements, and talent training

Hengqin Institute of International Intellectual Property Trading

The service content:Intellectual property services

Guangzhou Hipower Pharma Tech Company Ltd.

The service content:Clinical trials of medical products and technical services for post-marketing clinical re-evaluation

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Professional Incubation Services
Tel:(86) 756 8918956
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Activities
Tel:(86) 756 8918 735