The GMTCM Park Incubator has been recognized as a “State-level Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator”

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On 23 December 2019, the GMTCM Park Incubator (hereinafter referred to as “the incubator”) passed the examination and public announcement of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was officially conferred the title of “State-level Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator”, thus marking a new stage of industrial cultivation of GMTCM Park.

As an important carrier and platform in the development of the TCM industry in Macao, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong and Macao (hereinafter referred to as “GMTCM Park”), based on TCM innovation and R&D, keeps expanding and promoting the clusters of industries and talents, technology sharing, as well as innovation-driving in the fields of TCM, biological medicine and comprehensive healthcare. Since 2017, GMTCM Park has been actively building the industrial cultivation system in accordance with the standards of State-level Science and Technology Enterprise Incubators. In line with their requirements, GMTCM Park successively applied for and obtained the accreditations of the Zhuhai Municipal Incubator and Guangdong Provincial Incubator respectively in 2017 and 2018. In order to better support the development of the TCM industry in Macao, GMTCM Park was officially recognized as a “State-level Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator” by the Ministry of Science and Technology after strict examination and evaluation on 23 December 2019, with the strong support and recommendation of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province.

As a service organization to foster and support high-tech SMEs, the incubator will provide favorable environments and conditions for entrepreneurs. By providing business venues, infrastructure and a series of professional services, the incubator will reduce the risks and costs of start-ups, support the rapid growth and development of SMEs, and help gather upstream and downstream industrial chains. In addition to supporting the development of Macao’s enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, it will also nurture more enterprises to develop into Macao enterprises, thus promoting the integrated development of the TCM industry between mainland China and Macao.



The formation of industrial agglomeration in GMTCM Park.

The incubation area of GMTCM Park covers 128,000 square meters. According to the different needs in growth and development of different enterprise types, a full-chain incubation carrier including “Co-office → Incubator → Accelerator→ Detached Headquarters” is created. After nearly two years of intense development, GMTCM Park has achieved preliminary results in regard to cultivating enterprises and industries.

So far, more than 160 settled-in enterprises, including corporate giants and R&D institutions, such as Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited, Intertek, and Increase Innovative Medicine, have been introduced, among which 40 are from Macao, accounting for 24.7% of the total.

In the meanwhile, with the establishment of a TCM industry-academy-research integration platform and an international exchange and cooperation platform, together with GMP pilot scale production service, a public service platform for equipment sharing, international registration and trade, and a third-party inspection and testing platform with international accreditations, the incubator supports Macao enterprises in developing products, and helps them gradually expand into mainland China’s and international markets. At present, we are developing eleven new TCM products such as medicine and food supplements for four Macao enterprises, improving the quality standards of two registered products for a Macao enterprise, and have successfully driven their sales in Mozambique.


GMP Pilot Scale Production Building


In addition, GMTCM Park is equipped with a professional corporate service team to build a full-chain corporate service system and provide services such as policy declaration, investment and financing matching, market promotion, high-tech enterprise cultivation and start-up consultation. To date, we have assisted five enterprises in GMTCM Park in receiving nearly 100 million yuan of financing, helped enterprises obtain various government subsidies of more than 26 million yuan, helped six enterprises in successfully applying for National High-tech Enterprises, and assisted 23 enterprises in obtaining ten categories of qualification accreditations including New R&D Institutions of Guangdong Province, and Small and Medium-sized Technology-based Enterprises. Additionally, three training activities—TCM Business School, Appointment with the TCM Practitioner, and Lecture in TCM—have been organized with a total of more than 1,500 participants.


GMTCM Park offers regular training activities on different topics.

In the future, GMTCM Park will further build its platform and improve the corporate service system. It will also create conditions to attract outstanding domestic and foreign enterprises and Macao projects into GMTCM Park, jointly create an industrial atmosphere to build a demonstration cluster in the lead for high-quality development of the TCM industry in the Greater Bay Area, and offer better space and conditions for the development of enterprises and talents in Macao.