Good news again! This company is amazing! -- TCM atomized inhalation project of the Increase (Hengqin) Medicine Research Institution Co., Ltd. won the funding of theGuangdong-Macao Science and Technology Cooperation

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Recently, the TCM atomized inhalation project, jointly submitted by the Increase (Hengqin) Medicine Research Institution Co., Ltd. in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Co-operation between Guangdong and Macao (hereinafter referred to as “GMTCM Park”) and the State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicines of Macau University of Science and Technology, won the funding provided by the Guangdong-Macao Science and Technology Cooperation Project of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province and the project of the Science and Technology Development Fund. It is also listed as Macao’s “FDCT-GDST Project”. It is another award won by the Increase (Hengqin) Medicine Research Institution Co., Ltd. after being awarded “Innovative Enterprises of High-growth (Unicorn Enterprises) Cultivated and Introduced in Zhuhai in 2019” in January this year.



Founded in January 2017 by a team of experts from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the Increase (Hengqin) Medicine Research Institution Co., Ltd. is among the first batch of pharmaceutical enterprises settling in GMTCM Park. It is an innovative scientific and technological research & development institute featuring research & development, technological services, and international registration training of new TCM drugs, atomized inhalation and novel preparations. Within two years after its settlement in GMTCM Park, it successively won qualified honors such as “Atomized Inhalation Engineering Technology Center in Guangdong Province”, “National High-tech Enterprises”, “New Research and Development Institutions in Guangdong Province”, and “Key Enterprise Technology Center in Zhuhai”. Meanwhile, it cooperated with Macau University of Science and Technology who possesses the first and only national key laboratory in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both parties are equipped with world-class top core technologies in TCM, and complements each other in the development of new TCM drugs. Through this project, they work together to cope with the key issues of TCM and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

The Increase (Hengqin) Medicine Research Institution Co., Ltd., as a representative company of GMTCM Park, has been receiving support from GMTCM Park in settlement, policy support and resources matching to promote sustainable growth in the past two years in order to achieve stable development. The Increase (Hengqin) Medicine Research Institution Co., Ltd. has won successive awards for its solid scientific research strength and stable development, which is an affirmation of both its own development and the work carried out by GMTCM Park.

In the future, GMTCM Park will make persistent efforts to improve its services, draw on successful experiences, discover and cultivate more outstanding companies so as to contribute to the technological innovation and high-quality economic development in Zhuhai, and further promote the market integration in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area!