Project Introduction

Ola Lotus is positioned as a “trendy all-sensory experience zone featuring traditional Chinese medicine” that combines traditional Chinese herbal medicines with modern health needs to develop a lifestyle that is trendy, healthy and dynamic with a global vision. It is aimed to promote the TCM herbal culture, develop a cultural, commercial and tourism project with unique characteristics in the integrated tourism ecosystem of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, make TCM part of people’s daily life, take it into the global arena, and become the world’s leading TCM experience destination.

With TCM culture at its core, Ola Lotus explores more diverse and innovative scenes, creates new experiences of “TCM+”, and integrates the essence of TCM culture into different business forms in order to enliven the traditional image of TCM. It merges healthcare with cultural experience, catering and retail, and provides four experience sectors – “roaming with vitality”, “fresh air and food time”, “smart creativity” and “relaxation and enjoyment” – in order to tell a “new story” about a “time-honored brand” and give voice to “new ideas”. Here and now, the body and mind are one. Ola Lotus is not only a resort, but also a lifestyle of the future.

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Brand Story

In an age when entertainment dominates, modern life is filled with colorful things. The source of happiness, however, is lost to the hustle and bustle of reality. Everyone now desires an exquisite place for the soul to get rid of drudgery and heal the body and mind. We expect to create for people some first-hand experience of the quality of our buildings or the profoundness of culture, a sense of physical and mental recovery and a sense of cultural identification that traditional holidays fail to offer.

Inspired by the modern lifestyle that is trendy and healthy, we have explored the traditional cultural trajectory of TCM healthcare and the cultural implications of TCM in an attempt to realize the three stages of TCM healthcare, namely “physical maintenance”, “physical and mental care” and “harmony between humanity and nature”, and being a part of people’s daily life for them to gain enjoyment through their five senses. By linking a well-rested body with an enriched mind, a perfect setting is created where the soul communicates with nature.

Here at Ola Lotus, let’s rendezvous and embrace new experiences. This beautiful place will give life to everything and satisfy all your imagination about happiness – where you can listen to the joy of nature in the green woods, warm your stomach with our pleasant food, relax your body in the fragrance of herbs and slow down the pace of modern life through self-meditation...Come, and experience the joy by yourself.

Here, you’ll find it’s more than just a resort, but also a fantastic and romantic harbor – a lifestyle of the future. From here on out, let’s free our body and mind. Freedom and happiness are the starting point and fundamental purpose of every beautiful thing, as well as our perpetual pursuit.

The Journey of Herbs