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VIP consultation room on the second floor

Second-floor consultation room

Chinese food lounge on the second floor

A big room with a big bed

SPA connects the suite

SPA double treatment room

A big room with a big bed

The elevator hall

The reception lobby of the clinic on the first floor

Products and Services

The project is based on the philosophy of four-in-one healthcare including identification and evaluation, health management, healing packages and targeted treatments. It innovatively combines ancient TCM therapies with the mysterious Indian Ayurveda, the ancient hydrotherapy of Southeast Asia and the Japanese Shiatsu, as well as modern systems of physical and mental healthcare such as mindfulness, meditation, sports rehabilitation, nutritious and medicated diets, and the characteristic tropical forest environment of Banyan Tree. The aim is to offer clients unique experiences of the oriental healing culture and enable them to experience a fantastic feeling of physical rejuvenation – the release of energy from inside out, regain physical and mental joy, and develop a healthy lifestyle.


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Address: No. 2522 Huan Dao North Road, Hengqin New Area, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China